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29 December 2011 @ 06:28 pm

I hereby announce that I condemn CI YAOI - http://community.livejournal.com/ci_yaoi - for what they are doing. They steal download links and files from scanlation groups, post and reshare the files without permission from the groups. They have no respect whatsoever to the people who buy the books, scan and translate those projects.

I condemn them and I won't have anything to do with them. I don't tolerate such actions. I hereby state that I am not a member of CI YAOI community and I will never steal from any scanlation groups or re-share without permission.

It's so sad that those people don't  stop doing exactly what scanlators beg for not to do, so that the community's are forced to go to this measures they don't want to use themselfs but seeing no other way to project their hard works.  

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14 July 2011 @ 10:32 pm

I was very delighted as they announced that the manga series 'Banana Fish' from Akimi Yoshida was to be published, the drawings are loveable and the story is gripping and sensitive.

Through the incident of a sudden suicide including the hint 'Banana Fish' which were the last words of the victim, the  young japanese Eiji Okumura who lived a sheltered life, visits as an assistant photograper Amerika where he meets Ash Lynx who is a street gang leader and knows all the harshness of life there can be. Ash who is used to be respected even feared among his acqaintances is fascinated by Eiji who treats him simple as an equal and even as a pal. Eiji himself is impressed by Ash's self-confidence and knowledge about life situations.
Slowly Eiji learns through what severe and horrible life experiences Ash was gone through and wants to help him, he becomes Ash's closest and most important friend with not requiring any service in return. Ash guards Eiji the best he can against the criminal ambiance he stumbles in by wanting to be with his new friend he admires so much.
In the following fight against the crime they achive very much success and they can reveal the secret that surrounds the mysterious drug called 'Banana Fish'.

The most moved I was by the unexpected ending for which I needed days to overcome, but once accepted I think it's the only best fitting end for such a wonderful story which gets the most gravity through it.
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